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Pentland Energy Advice

Pentland Energy Advice is an established provider of a variety of energy services across the North Highlands.

Our work involves arranging Energy Visits to individuals and businesses to provide guidance on reducing the amount of energy used and thus reducing the amounts of carbon dioxide produced

We provide a Thermal Imaging service that allows businesses to image their equipment and processes which can anticipate problems before they develop. This service is also available to assess homes for energy efficiency.

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Our Services

  • Thermal Imaging

    Thermal Imaging can be used to identify hot or cold spots within a properties.

  • Air Tightness Testing

    Air tightness testing measures the air permeability of a building.

  • EPC Surveys

    Energy Performance Certificates give the energy efficiency of a particular building.

  • Business Energy Advice

    Find out problems and where potential savings can be made

  • Home Energy Advice

    We can help you to reduce your overall energy bills.

  • Data Logging

    We can help you assess the problem with condensation..